Invasion of Elders


As today’s world becomes ever quicker, we use every method open to us to keep up.
Traditionally we would consult books, and the experience of others to guide us into or from, a situation that is un-familiar to us.

With the revolution of the internet, typically our interest was ignited and utilising the attractive tools open to us has been paramount.

The internet is slowly opening up and maturing. The assault of the first years has settled to a more sensible methodical attraction. The great values of this technology become apparent daily and have improved lives throughout the world. It is a genuine revolution.

In the early days it was scatter-gun, where everything needed to be tried and improved. Socially, peer pressure is something most of us may have felt, were we not to be up-to-date with the latest innovative way to communicate or record keep. But today, some years later, we see a more controlled approach that is far more deliberate.

We owe a great debt to the creators obviously, yet the real heroes are the people of all ages, often young, who tackled this beast and broke it in are sometimes forgotten.

A generation of children have not only brought this beast to heel but sustained enormous pressures from their elders to “get off the internet”. The elders are correct to do so. The internet needs constant understanding and monitoring just as a dog off the leash might chase cars and bite people.

The elders calling for control of the internet are not wrong nor are they mis-informed. They want the best for our community as we all do. Yet attempting to control something which we know so little about is challenging and we have to resort to methods by which we can bring this ” thing” back to order.

So to the developers I say well done. To the general public who have, not only over-used and abused this beast, I say thank you. Without any elders to speak of in the field of this revolution, you have poked and prodded all of the bits and pieces that make up the beast, but domesticated it.

Just stop and think for a moment! With something that is truly revolutionary, the children of today were presented a problem. So few of the traditional sources that we might refer to as elders,were made available.

In this field with so few elders, we are now maturing to the point where we can all assist in some way and we owe a great debt to the internet students of yesterday.

Bristlehound 2014

4 thoughts on “Invasion of Elders

  1. Beautiful image and meaningful words. I do agree about the internet, it is of great use to all of us, we just need to learn self-control and use it responsibly. It was built for great purposes and we need to respect that.

    1. I thank you for your comment it is appreciated. People such as yourself are the soul of the continuation and development of the “Beast” given that at one time you made choices that controlled the usage of same. Stepping into the un-familiar is the way of humanity and without it we all would be the poorer.B

    1. Thanks K. Like everyone, my optimism is tested at times but generally I try to call things as they are. There are things that disturb me greatly also and I have made a personal vow to not allow “spin” to drive my views. Too many of us roll over to general thinking and doing rather than conveying what they really want. So should I like or believe something, you will know, equally should I dislike something you will know that also. Life really is too short to read bad books. B

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