Speculating on spectacles


Just imagine a world without spectacles. I realise that the Optometrists out there have now gone for a coffee, but hang in there.
What would the percentage of the world wearing specs be?
What if there were no specs?
All of today’s actions are so strongly based on accuracy and clarity of vision, I personally have sported specs from an early age and struggle to see without them and love seeing well.
But what if we didn’t have them?
With all advancements in medical and ancillary, we benefit and can live quality lives through the use of them.
But what if we didn’t have them?
I have tried living without specs, sometimes going a whole day without them. I convince myself that my eyes are getting better and that progressively I may be able to rid myself of them. Only after this long period do I realise that my vision will not return as it was and I am doomed.
But what if we didn’t have spectacles?

If spectacles were to this point of human development, un-known, then maybe we would all be at an expectant level that allows for not seeing signs until we are upon them. Or having fewer signs with bigger writing.
Books would be the size of a double bed and photographs would look much better.

Our curtain rods could be slightly out of balance, our vehicles may be dirty, ugly landscapes may take on a new fan club, buildings might not need carpenters, lines may not need to be straight.

So many of today’s really important things would become redundant under a regime of myopia.

Maybe the spectacles of today are only a hint of what we really could see. Why should we accept that we can’t see anything that is beyond their range. We are willing to accept that the tyranny of today’s spectacles is the norm and that to expect any more does not seem to be in our thinking.

Telescopes on the bridge of the nose may be a little way off, but let’s not accept that what we see is all there is. Equally let’s not let the seen control us. We are after it all, individuals and can create our own future.

Bristlehound 2014

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