Fat in the pan


By the day we are bombarded with messages of hope and despair.
By night our brains sort the relevant from the forgettable.
This is the normal train of events that, we as humans, accept.
I for one don’t accept this.
Reading magazines as resource material for my work, I have come to realise that just looking at a page is enough to register what is on the page, only to be recounted later when an idea is needed from somewhere.
For me it is therefore not such a large jump to believe that the messages I come in contact with through the day visually and audibly, are there to stay and will appear at another time when required.
However most of the messages we receive are not required for us to be civil and accepting and forthright. We don’t need messages to remind us of hunger and thirst and the need for human contact.
So why do we take the bombardment of messages?
Under pressure circumstances we will all push hard to survive and thrive. It may not matter if we are dressed just so or that the steak is cooked to perfection, but we will survive.

Understanding our basic skill to grow and survive is to walk with confidence and talk with strength. It is to know that the bad is only as perceived and can be manipulated from within the brain even though the bombardment continues about us.

Oils when heated are of great value in cooking and can be dangerous because of the heat they contain. Their use is immense.
It is the strength of water that can repel oil at will. Plain water has the power to repel such a potent thing such as hot oil.

For me it is helpful to understand that my strength will always come from the abilities I am blessed with. Some learned but most innate.

Messages are important. They help us in so many ways and subtle messages of the body indicate so many things to us. But we don’t need to accept the spam that is presented as vital to our existence.
Making room for the confidence to be ourselves should easily take up the time that spam currently controls.

Bristlehound 2014

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