The light gets in


Leonard Cohen lyrics say “there is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”. Well these words are some of the most profound that I have heard and I temper that by saying there has to be better formed words, better meanings found and, much more profound things said.

But for me this has a double meaning and I find it encouraging as well as levelling.

Cohen seems to be saying that, as things go bad and look like overwhelming us, something brighter shows itself fleetingly and gives us hope to go on.

The other, more compelling meaning for me personally, is that built into all things is a dark side and a crack. This is how we measure the beauty of the light side and the strength of the complete.

All things are perfect in their non-perfect state. Everything is complete only when we realize meaning is in the way we view things and is defined by our desire to see what we want.

“There is a crack in everything” doesn’t simply look for fault in all things but moreover expresses the humility of the state. Warts and all, we are all perfect in our own way and according to the route we have taken in life. Each road taken throughout our life defines ourselves today. Some roads by choice, some by fate and in some cases by force. But we represent today all of these things and each part that is beauty also has a crack.

Leonard Cohen’s words will always make me feel strong in the knowledge that if I look for the light, I will find it and that perfection is in the way I choose to look at something. Maybe the exception to this rule would be spiders and snakes of which we have plenty down-under.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

4 thoughts on “The light gets in

    1. Thanks for the link Ashen.
      All forms of art have a healing effect when required. Isn’t it wonderful how, should we be ready, there is something for us all waiting to be discovered.B

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