Anyone for tennis


Beautiful Melbourne is in the grip of a fabulous game of 5 day cricket against England and preparing for not only New Years Eve, but tennis.

The Australian Open begins in about 2 weeks and I personally cannot wait.

This is the coming together of 6-700 thousand people attending and millions around the world viewing, a wonderful event.

And then there is a bevy of support acts that back up the tennis, such as the great Leonard Cohen and a multitude of visual and performing art.

Being here amongst the people is such a great feeling, knowing that there is goodwill and fun in abundance.

We often have international tennis stars shopping in the same stores as ourselves and we are reminded of how each of us is basically the same. We all seek to be friendly and be loved.

To all the tennis fans out there, whilst enjoying a New Year tipple spare a passing thought for some of our travelling internationals as they chase their dream. For as they chase their dream they bring so much pleasure and fun to many other lives. They are merely fellow travellers on a journey we know not where.

Love – 15

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