Solitude within Multitude

Linda Catherine

I walk, saunter, stroll

By myself through the crowds on the sidewalk

Cars, sirens, buses and trucks, 

Pass by, rushing, honking.


The traffic lights change

Green to orange to red,

Halting one vein of the city for a brief breath

Sending the other’s passengers out of my vision.


The colors of the city,

grey as dust,

Neon and pastel,

Black and white,

Everything in between


All the same.

Mixed together,

Screaming, shouting across each other

Blind eyes staring into nothingness.


Faceless heads,

Billboards praise and warn,

Vote for me, buy my product,

listen, watch, share!


Two friends,

Maybe lovers, meet in the midst

In the current, the torrentious life of the city

They hug, turn their backs to the multitude.


Eternally facing one another for a heartbeat.

The crowd swallows them again,

Screams, shouts, elbows,

Strangers in a strange place.

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